Pharan is situated an hour from Mitzpe Ramon, an hour from Eilat and an hour and a half from The Dead sea.
There is an abundance of hiking paths. It is important to choose a suitable one in terms of group make-up, character, and level of difficulty

Pharan cave


Ada kanyon

Difficulty level: Medium

Hike length: about three hours walk and half an hour drive each way


Path description: A circular path, partly shady and later, more exposed/ A climb using ladders and stakes up a beautiful kanyon surrounded by red rock. There is a beautiful view of the three main rivers in the area from the top: Pharan Karkom and Arod Directions: Leave Pharan south along road number 90 for about 8 k”m. Turn right (west) at Menucha junction to road number 13. Continue 11 k”m to Tsihor junction and turn right on road number 40 towards Mitzpe Ramon.Continue north along the winding road into Nahal Pharan and cross the river. Turn left onto a dirt path, marked re, on the other bank


Comments: At the entrance to the kanyon there are some impressive Acacia trees where you can rest and have a picnic. Not far from there are active water wells and near them rock paintings “Ada Wells”

Vardit kanyon

Difficulty level: Good walkers

Hike length: about two hours walk and another half hour drive each way to the trail beginning =


Path description: A challenging, circular trek, beautiful narrow and short kanyon winding between huge rock walls.climbing up and down using ropes and stakes. Directions: Exit Nahal Pharan for the beginning of the trail. Park in the dirt lot and walk along the blue trail, climb the narrow and shady brook using the ladders and stakes to the top of the sun exposed kanyon. You can return the same way or take the green trail right that will take you back to the parking area.


Comments: requires a 4*4 vehicle. Not suitable for young children and those with fear of hights.


Barak gorge

Difficulty level: good walkers

Hike length: about three and a half hours

Path description: a circular, challenging hike including ladder climbing in an impressive narrow and shaded canyon. Crossing water holes (after floods), an observation point from Ramat barak. Directions: From Paran, drive north along the Arava road until you reach a sign for “Nahal Barak”, carefully turn left Continue on foot along the jeep path marked blue until reaching the beginning of the kanyon. An adventurous climb up using ladders and stakes ending with a walk along the riverbank on the path marked blue until meeting the green marked path leading back.

Pharan cave

Difficulty level: easy-medium

Hike length: About one and a half hours

Hike description: A short circular path starting at the moshab, suitable for families with young children. Pharan cave, as called by locals is an impressive rock waterfall . The path is partially shaded. Directions: Leave Pharan from the southern gate, pass the cemetery and walk along the blue path, on the right of the ridge. Move to the red path when they meet and follow it until you reach a big rock waterfall - :Pharan cave”. Climb to the cave, it is advisable to stop there for a rest or a picnic and enjoy the viewpoint of the moshav and Pharan river. Return by following the green or black paths.


Comments: It is advisable to have a carrier for young children.

הירידה מהסכין לפארן צילום: בר גוטסגנדה.j

Kipat (hillock) Eshet

Hike difficulty: Good walkers

Hike length: around four hours

Hike description: A circular path for good walkers, mostly unshaded, passes through beautiful viewpoints on Pharan plains, the Arava and Edom Mountains. Directions: Leave Pharam by the southern gate, pass the cemetery on the right and follow the green path until it meets the black path and follow itת to climb Kipat Eshet (the highest point in the area), from there there is a view of Pharan river and Edom mountains, return to the starting point by following the green path.


Comments: Not suitable in extreme heat.