Rotem’s natural building

A home for professional advice, consulting and implementation of natural building methods

Professional counseling for natural building

Counseling on ecological building processes and combining natural materials in conventional homes. The consulting is suitable for couples building or renovating their homes that are interested in a quick, economical and enjoyable building process, the result is of high quality and uses a minimum amount of energy. The consulting is also suitable for the planning stage and selecting the building method and professional.


Natural final coat (plastering) whitewash/earth

Using natural finishing coat at the client’s home based on natural materials or available natural Shelf Products.

Natural plastering enables a breathing, living environment that can absorb humidity and balance the inner home climate.

Natural plasters have a pleasant soft look, they are nontoxic and do not pollute, they can be used on natural wall systems as well as conventional walls.


Professional workshops “The Earth Way”

Practical natural building workshops




The element of earth is felt everywhere at Rotem’s. We invite you to join us on a voyage to get to know the creativity and joy of building with mud.

In our creative space, that is part of us, those of all ages will discover the connection between creativity and nature.


Earth design elements

The magic is in the details…

Designed seating, sculptured niches, mud benches and decorative walls


Rotem Koren

Rotem specializes in building with earth and natural materials. He researches and experiments with traditional techniques and their place amongst conventional building methods and is a leader in the field of natural building in Israel.

In Between unique projects, he lectures and leads workshops in the field as well as hands on activities for nonprofessional, bringing the participants closer to earth and mater.

I have been living in Pharan since 2005.

Happily married to Rotem and father to Lia, Naomi and Oded.

I formerly worked with wood and owned a company for professional woodwork, decks, parquet flooring and pergolas.

I have 20-year experience in the field of natural building with earth, specializing in strawbale. I studied at the canelo project with Bill & Athena Steen in Arizona and have been trained and qualified by the EU NGO ArTUR in Slovakiya.


I have built over 15 homes and advised families while building their own homes (owner builder) as well as guiding social-educational mud building projects around the country. I can integrate and build bridges between the modern conventional building world and that of traditional natural building.


I spent my childhood in “Kedma”, a youth village founded by my parents. 


I discovered the world of building after years in wood construction and working with hardwood floors - but something was still incomplete.


My search led me to the U.S.A. where a magical door opened into traditional building, specifically straw bales.

Building with earth is a craft that involves manual labor but also requires teamwork and mutual assistance. A combination that is exciting and powerful. I am motivated by love of people and material and the process that happens between them. 


Today, I focus on teaching, advising and accompanying building processes as well as Finishing coat based on earth and whitewash.

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